A theoretical backdrop for my 2014 art show at Supergraphic.

Excerpt: The show will feature all new works whose inspiration is the causal networks
between clandestine, (arguably illegal) U.S. military operations (i.e. drone strikes) in the
Middle East, and the systematic oppression of democratically articulated domestic dissent on the topic, primarily, of the growing economic inequalities most visible in urban areas, decreasing welfare infrastructures, including the closing of public schools and subsidized daycare.

Violent Image and Art
A reflection on how violence is represented as media object.

Excerpt: Indeed, violence or the threat thereof is still a widely used tool used by sovereign states to maintain a Foucauldian disciplinary society, despite our supposedly democratic 21st century advances in social forms.

Arabian Knights
A theoretical framework for my video work Arabian Knights .

Excerpt: The title of the video work Arabian Knights is a jab at the famous collection of tales 1001 Arabian Nights, in which the female protagonist, Scheherazade saves her life by making up stories for the cruel King Shahryar. Indeed, the ways in which Arabs/Muslims are usually represented in video games and other mainstream media formats is reminiscent of the monsters, genies and murderers evoked by Scheherazade in her 1001 tales of the Arabian Nights. The fabricated “western” cliché of Muslims being engaged in jihad against the “West” is ironically contained in the “Knight” metaphor and alludes to the clash between Christians and Muslims during the crusades.

Reflections on the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex
A set of ideas and thoughts that point towards my dissertation project:

Excerpt: The systematic pairing of institutions of higher learning with powerful corporate and governmental entities, which are inextricably linked to the military, as an irresistible enticement to the egos of proud academics (and academics-in-training) seeking to effect change, to share their work with more than a handful of peers, and to be recognized for their scholarship and expertise has its roots in the First World War.

Reflections on the Garrison-State
More ideas and thoughts that point towards my dissertation project.

Excerpt: The torture of prisoners by U.S. military personnel and secret service agencies for the purpose of “intelligence acquisition” comes to mind, which stands in violation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. In their “War on Terror” the U.S. executive branch bypasses legal impediments by simply shipping suspects abroad for torture, thus keeping their crimes against humanity outside of the country’s legal confines and penal reach.

The Ambassadors 2.0
The theory behind my art work The Ambassadors 2.0.

On Deleuze, Guattari and Foucault
What biohistory, biopower and biopolitics, dispositif, crystals and rhizomes have to do with Mumbai, Caracas and New York City. Will global capitalism deterritorialize and decode itself to the point of implosion?

Excerpt: All spheres of society — its administrative institutions, science and technology, team up in order to organize, quantify, regulate and prime its population via complex discourses and legal procedures relating to sex. Reproductive technologies and sexual health technologies, class, race, gender and identity politics, and wars against supposedly anti-humanistic and anti-life religious extremists (e.g. the Taliban) alike are all scrutinized and cared for by the ultimate custodial ‘truth seeker’, biopower.


Co-operation Corp
The chain of parasitism is a simple relation of order, irreversible like the flow of the river. One feeds on another and gives nothing in return. (Serres, 1982, p.97)

Excerpt: Capitalism has evolved into a managerial model that defines and organizes social relationships within society. The system is designed to generate a surplus of value that can be exchanged in a marketplace and then extracted from the public realm for the creation of private wealth. Capitalism is by nature a socio- economic model that depends on the existence of a well-defined class system and essentially pre-determined inter-class relations in order to guarantee the flow of extracted surplus value into the hands of a minority class. This minority class comprises the private owners of the very means of production that generates this surplus and is therefore recognized and accepted as being entitled to reap a grossly unequal share from said value creation cycle.

The Great Ziggurat of Ur and Google’s quest for the Book of Sand
The theoretical backdrop for the art project.

Excerpt: Indeed, if information and collective knowledge are the key commodities that drive post-industrial capitalism, then a publically traded corporation like Google must be considered the most successful and advanced organization, for at its core, business derives from gathering, indexing, mapping and exchanging information and knowledge. This process of information and knowledge culling cum capital accumulation has been so ingeniously automated that computers are assigned the task of selecting and curating bespoke information and knowledge.



Life in a Corporate Wonder-Wasteland :
Media Fields, Access/Tresspass: A Special Conference Issue.
[PDF Version]

Out of Service
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

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